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About UER at LF

The Left Forum is one of the largest gatherings of left activists and scholars and has been held yearly for 13 years early in June. From June 2 through 4 a group of fifteen RCers from 4 NY regions, the majority from Southwest Brooklyn, our sponsor, did a UER project at the Left Forum. We staffed a table, distributed fliers and talked with people, and had a panel/workshop called Reclaiming our Humanity: A Revolutionary tool.

Three LF Panels

1. Technology is an extension of human faculties and the human body to attain liberation
Basic technology is the ability to collectively adapt to and when necessary change our environments that allow us to create larger and more complex societies.
How do we use our equipment? Technologies expand our ability to see hear recall connect.
How do we manage the technology of our human mind?

UER Left Forum 2017

We are living in the best time for the human species when our ancestral project: liberation, can be realized if as a species, we seize the time. The biggest, most powerful, most destructive and most creative empire we have created, is collapsing and across the planet we are mobilizing and organizing in the millions for climate justice, economic justice, peace, authentic democracy. Each of our societies, hunter gatherer, enslavement, feudal, capitalist, socialist...has generated more resource than the last, allowed more of us to live.

Artist WS notes

separated at birth
creativity our birthright
telling life stories

inherent innate part of being human making art
having fresh thinking is creativity
oppression comes in early fierce
messes w innate ability to learn

early defeats
when head to something hard
chain of recordings can't keep going need to give up

making separate from just being alive

Saying Goodbye

My student and our classmate Ting Ting just came into class and told us she has to leave the class to go work full time at her family's business in Flushing, Queens.
This made me want to cry. I stopped myself because I was embarrassed to cry in class.
I remembered that all of us in this class are immigrants. We have lots of feelings about saying goodbye because we have said goodbye so many times.

Una Candelita

At Mi Campamento in some recoveco of the Escambray mountains, we played lots of round games. I never knew the rules but I tried hard, concentrated on following everything the blonde girl did. She knew everything real Cuban girls did even if she too was a protestante. Her name was E. I admired her but I was very jealous of her blondeness and at the same time, hated it, wanted to vanquish it.


Escrito 07-05-14 Marilu y Lulu se creain mejor que nadie pero yo pensaba que quizas era al reves. Se daban lija todo el tiempo. Marilu por su pelo negro, larguisimo y rizado. Una vez me dijo que ella habia sido modelo para los anuncios del champu Breck. Segun Marilu ella tenia el pelo precioso, medio rubio y ondeado. Todas queriamos tener esas suaves ondas rubias de los anuncios de Breck.


Two Brothers, Two Sisters

Written 06-07-14 The two brothers had the same childhood but you wouldn't know it, is what Sandra who was married to the young one, Pablo, always thought, when the old one, Pedro,got home drunk from the bar. The brothers' Abuela said as much when Sandra stopped to see her at the diner, when they stood outside so Abuela could smoke her cigarette on her break.
Sandra went to see her because she wanted to think with her about Pedro's drinking, mainly because the drinking was getting her Pablo down.



An intimate scene of family life...Jorgito glued his face to the plastic tank where the ants were crawling. He knew the round bellie ant was the queen He felt out of the corner of his eye, the gaze of his mother, drawing at her art table. She was like the queen. If god or an angel or his abuela who was supposedly in heaven was looking, maybe to them their whole house was like the anthill. What would they think? Could they tell what a good anthill queen Mami was on the days like today when she was happy?



Written 06-07-14 On top of the file folder his freak mother left on the table, after he poured the contents on the floor (a lot of bills that later on he'd hear them arguing over not payint), he wrote with the black sharpie his brother used to tag Last everywhere he coudl, and that he stole,
he wrote in huge letters:
You wanted to abort me.
He turned the folder over and on the back he wrote:
You wanted me to die.
He opened the folder and he wrote:
You wanted to kill me. You wanted me to die.



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