World Without Racism 02-24-18

Jacqueline: less confusion, more connections, problems an exciting challenge, all realize we are all Africans
Andy: Chinese Americans would be free to express all aspects of our culture
Dave: Less emotionally repressed
Shana: We would all tell how beautiful we all are; more connection
Karim: Less isolation; more closeness
Sammuel: More art, better music
Maisha: Open opportunity for self-expression without ridicule
Miwa: All oppressions gone, freer, less fear
Maybel: celebration of differences and self-expression; less fear
Laura: child's mind; open people; without judgment; no pre-conceptions
Leila: connected people
Avni: People on subways singing together holding hands
John: exciting, partying, better music, art
reclaim bvirthright of kindness, give and receive kindness

What to do on the day/ what white people should do:
Maybel: Share our own cultures, dance, sing
Karim: be together contradict isolation and discouragement; icepick
Maisha: connect in some way; closeness
share about our families and heritages
Shana: addictions, assimilatio
Dave: take on leadership, challenges, support from each other
Andy: limitations, confines
John: everything is there for me as well
Leila: sing, play, be close
Laura: how we limit ourselves
Miwa: how we limit ourselves; share with each other
Jacqueline: decide this grop is mine; not wait till it happens but decide to be closely connected to this group
Avni: sad leaving soon; get to be connected

What whites should do in their WS tomorrow: Avni notes:
What we would like white folks to work on tomorrow! ❤️
Work on redistribution of wealth
Work on liking each other
Work on gentrification
Look at how you are around PGMs and decide if it could be changed
Notice and work on where you feel badly about how PGM have been treated so that there is less of that coming at PGM
What does it mean to be American
Learn about PGM cultures without having to be taught
Talk to other white people about racism
Reach to have relationships with PGM
Hard for white people to tell that THEY are the biggest victims of racism - try to remember that
Come up with real ways to interrupt racism - own and others
Discharge on idea that no new classes in region will have white people until demographics match community
Work on limitations imposed on white people by racism
Work on sense of entitlement
Work on fear that comes up talking about racism in front of PGM (especially RC teachers)
White leaders in RC need to work on giving up their jobs and making room for PGM
Work on being afraid of PGM
Different levels of understanding racism - just because you intellectually get it doesn’t mean you don’t act out racism
Work on having close connected relationships with PGM in and out of counseling
Work on what it would mean to see and give up privilege in terms of leadership positions in RC and domination in wide world

Ideas for "sharing the tools, RC into the world:
Shana: SG for parents of my day care kids; or talk to them ab out special time
Dave: Artists ww SG; try again, turn into RC group; intros by relationship city wide then bring into communities
Automatic notice when intros are happening

Karim: talked of friends and family dinner5 model: ours was organic, we were eating when guests arrived, natural, less awkward, nice time.