Three LF Panels

1. Technology is an extension of human faculties and the human body to attain liberation
Basic technology is the ability to collectively adapt to and when necessary change our environments that allow us to create larger and more complex societies.
How do we use our equipment? Technologies expand our ability to see hear recall connect.
How do we manage the technology of our human mind?
We have attained huge advances of liberation through the technology of concerted action.,we have created theories and principles. It is quite astonishing that we discovered the motor of history is class for example. Theories of organization and propaganda. The idea of agitation; that you could take a complex theoretical understanding of class, of its opposing thrusts toward accumulation exploitation expansion colonization imperialism, and toward liberation, distribution, creation. Generation..
And formulate a sharp expression able to mobilize.
So now we have constructed the biggest empire our species has ever known and it is in a state of system collapse...and our labor has produced enough resource to support all of us,.
We have created slogans that are agitation, sharp formulations of complex analysis;
For a world where everyone lives well and not just the few live better
This is an invitation to change everything to change everything we need everybody
Trash the system or crash the planet
We are the 99%
Yet we struggle to build unity
And to sustain efforts
How do we reclaim, fulfill our human potential our human gift which is to build communities societies,,,the simple technology of listening, of healing

2. Writing to transform is healing
To make Revolution we have to have a body: self/care is revolution
We also have to heal the social body

Reclaim human potential
Technology is an extension of human faculties and body
Human connection is the fundamental technology
It allows us to adapt to and change our environment
We take it for granted so we are in arrears
We don't keep up with our healing work
We advance the fundamental human project of liberation we get in arrears with our healing work we lose ground
The most potent weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the
Mind of the oppressed...
These are simple basic told that heal...
Done intentionally they allow us to better separate thinking from feeling...fight the battle for the mind

How do we reclaim our basic technology of connection and humanity