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Draft Report
Left Forum Report
The LF project will included a literature table, outreach work, a panel on Tools for Listening when we disagree.
The LF is a large yearly gathering of movement activists and scholars (it used to be the Socialist Scholars Conference) comprised of several hundred panels and workshops and plenaries. This is the third year that the RC participated. The first two were under UER and this year under SAL.
On June 2 a team of 11 co-counselors presented a workshop to 14 participants
The title and theme
The panel

Left Forum Draft flyer 2018 3

Tools for Listening When We Disagree
Disagreement is common in movement work as in all aspects of life. It can cement disunity or move us forward to effective strategy and action. It can make us lose our human connection with those we disagree with. In this hands-on workshop we will try out tools for listening more effectively when we disagree. By practicing these tools with fellow organizers we can listen better to those we want to organize. We will practice these tools in the context of care of the environment.

LF 2018 Draft Flyer 2

Tools for Listening When We Disagree

LF 2018 Draft of flyer

> Tools for Listening When We Disagree
> Disagreement is common in movement work as in all aspects of life. It has the potential to dig us in and cement disunity. But it can also help us to arrive at our best thinking and move us forward to stronger consensus and more effective strategy and action.

Classism and COE 05 11 18

Classism and coe
Find where u can discharge
Don’t worry about earliest unbearable memory
Run out of attention so much
Memory connection let’s u discharge
Indigenous presentation
Don’t do this alone
2001 passed 3 goals env
Tried to have sessions about goals
Years later o shit look at implications
Read this book
Oppression and racism
Aha moment
Good cc
Classism racism env Rc

PSP Memories 3

Memorias del PSP
Maritza Arrastia
May, 2018

Left Forum 2017

Technology and Revolution track

Human Connection: Key to Technology for Revolution
Tools for Human Connection: The Basis of Revolutionary Technology
Reclaiming Human Connection: A Revolutionary Tool

Left Forum 2018

Dear Brooklyn SouthWest Cocounselors,

PSP Memories 2

I've come to realize that while I've had many objective obstacles to writing about my Puerto Rican Socialist Party memories because of work deadlines and other life imperatives, I've also had a lot of resistance, a lot on unaware levels. It occurs to me that the resistance is actually at the heart of the story. The PSP was, other than leaving Cuba, the most formative experience of my life. My five years or so with the Party prepared me for everything else I've done in my life.

PSP Memories

I consider myself very lucky because I've gotten to live in the future several times in my life.Like many immigrants, I've gotten to travel in time and experienced the different centuries and social systems of m countries of origin, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and the US.


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