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PSP Memories 3

Memorias del PSP
Maritza Arrastia
May, 2018

Left Forum 2017

Technology and Revolution track

Human Connection: Key to Technology for Revolution
Tools for Human Connection: The Basis of Revolutionary Technology
Reclaiming Human Connection: A Revolutionary Tool

Left Forum 2018

Dear Brooklyn SouthWest Cocounselors,

PSP Memories 2

I've come to realize that while I've had many objective obstacles to writing about my Puerto Rican Socialist Party memories because of work deadlines and other life imperatives, I've also had a lot of resistance, a lot on unaware levels. It occurs to me that the resistance is actually at the heart of the story. The PSP was, other than leaving Cuba, the most formative experience of my life. My five years or so with the Party prepared me for everything else I've done in my life.

PSP Memories

I consider myself very lucky because I've gotten to live in the future several times in my life.Like many immigrants, I've gotten to travel in time and experienced the different centuries and social systems of m countries of origin, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and the US.

World Without Racism 02-24-18

Jacqueline: less confusion, more connections, problems an exciting challenge, all realize we are all Africans
Andy: Chinese Americans would be free to express all aspects of our culture
Dave: Less emotionally repressed
Shana: We would all tell how beautiful we all are; more connection
Karim: Less isolation; more closeness
Sammuel: More art, better music
Maisha: Open opportunity for self-expression without ridicule
Miwa: All oppressions gone, freer, less fear
Maybel: celebration of differences and self-expression; less fear

fanf romance 1

fnaf love story
characters: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy,
fanf 2 Toy Freddie, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica The Mangle
fnaf 3 Springtrap
fnafsl Baby, fun time freddie, hand puppet Bonbon, Funtime Foxy, Ballora
Lolbit, Ennard

Five Nights at Candy's fnac
Candy, Cindy, The Rat, The Cat, Old Candy, Chester, Blank


About UER at LF

The Left Forum is one of the largest gatherings of left activists and scholars and has been held yearly for 13 years early in June. From June 2 through 4 a group of fifteen RCers from 4 NY regions, the majority from Southwest Brooklyn, our sponsor, did a UER project at the Left Forum. We staffed a table, distributed fliers and talked with people, and had a panel/workshop called Reclaiming our Humanity: A Revolutionary tool.

Three LF Panels

1. Technology is an extension of human faculties and the human body to attain liberation
Basic technology is the ability to collectively adapt to and when necessary change our environments that allow us to create larger and more complex societies.
How do we use our equipment? Technologies expand our ability to see hear recall connect.
How do we manage the technology of our human mind?

UER Left Forum 2017

We are living in the best time for the human species when our ancestral project: liberation, can be realized if as a species, we seize the time. The biggest, most powerful, most destructive and most creative empire we have created, is collapsing and across the planet we are mobilizing and organizing in the millions for climate justice, economic justice, peace, authentic democracy. Each of our societies, hunter gatherer, enslavement, feudal, capitalist, socialist...has generated more resource than the last, allowed more of us to live.


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