Artist WS notes

separated at birth
creativity our birthright
telling life stories

inherent innate part of being human making art
having fresh thinking is creativity
oppression comes in early fierce
messes w innate ability to learn

early defeats
when head to something hard
chain of recordings can't keep going need to give up

making separate from just being alive

feel shouldn't be here not real artist
cant hang on and do work enough
society not built around nurturing and supporting artists

exploits us
value on some of our work
not on us


working on claiming it, having our minds and our voice

whoever in this room figured out v oppressive society how to keep it enough front and center
organizing principle
to come here and be here

one goal: think about all those who haven't
claiming everybody's creativity...
just figure out how to make it work at all w two jobs, counseling parenting

we matter, voice matters
racism, sexism
congratulations on being here and making it important...
mini on claiming art

work w x
about myself
art my survival
creative parents
clay cabinet maker wrote
a lot of room
not interfered with

interference belittlement judging ignoring
show 2 drawings like that one
constant correcting

inherent mind raw materials our own put back out
messed with but innate so cant stop
find ways to keep doing it
get smaller and more separate

who we are: where the fight is; what will not give up

human fight human liberation artist's liberation

why important that do this work
human mind extraordinary complexity and brilliance
ilrp now
noticing where stoppages are, try to think, don't go, can't think
fascinated to see what happens w discharge
discharge process extraordinary natural

what I want..keep having those fights to have all of our minds
as artists we allow ourselves to actually imagine, to dream..

not normal not this: nonsense; know it but internalize it...
(pretend mini)
wk w k

sat pm
indigenous people here
7 min nap
oppression functions convinces your battle your fault your family's not systemic
don't discharge, then feel victimized
may identify it but feel powerless

noises that go on in my head at home are lifting; aware of them but don't rund mind

not real artist, stupid
noises are noises: messages are persistent out there around everything and around artists

when you think of artist
frivolous, white, egotistical, unstable, countercultural, disorganized, fighters, strange,
selfish, drains on society, cockroaches,

messages start early around anyone showing mind in way doesn't conform
time before 1700s, art craft embedded into life, and as things got mechanized, commodities and consumption people had less time for art embedded in their living
working class culture minimized in terms of being art, creative, fine art
more of a division in terms of what thought art who was artist

live in places where a lot of artists...but still oppression

because when young not supported to have mind
vulnerable to these

where feel not real artist is oppression
what decide: career, some not

2:35 panel
what love re what do
challenges in oppression
5 min