End Games

We curl up
show our necks,

A nuclear holocaust
Putin and the Donald

The rich blast off
on Koch Spacecraft
touch down
on Blue Marble 2

On earth
the mutant poor
eat mutant rats
while mutant rats
eat mutant poor

The waters rise
high grounders
gate themselves
They wait out,
the ice age
toss uphill scramblers
to the seas

The many scavenge
mountains of garbage
avalanche refuse
asphyxiate in trash

Electronic money blips
die down
there is nothing
left to buy
to buy with

Mass killing cannibals
hunt their Others
ak47 racism
a la carte

Gangs of warring
IED suiciders
our species out

Blue marble 1
gets a do over
under the benign rule
of dolphins
(they have gills)

we stand up
don't give up
the fight

Even as money blips fade
the many reclaim
growing, making, trading

Even as waters rise
the many clean-up the air
carbon molecule by molecule

The many transform
mountains of refuse
into compost, bricks, fabric
and fuel

Who knew there
was so much good work
for so many good workers?

The many trade
reality TV
for live stream reality

They live rooted
where they are
and know everything
about where everybody lives

The many are healed of disunity
small group by small group
they learn to
separate their feelings
from their thoughts
heal from their confusions
develop x-ray
through the bullshit
perfect pitch for truth

All the nations of the world
unite against the empire
their cumulative military might
of weapons purchased
from the empire
brings the empire
to its knees
It's got nothing
Not one drop of blood is shed

The myriad small groups
of the many
comprise the entire earth
even the soldiers!

Upon the signal
over their secret internet
the many intern the few
in camps of utter kindness
where they stay
until they heal from greed
however long it takes

Upon the signal
the many
withhold their consent
from the empire
even the soldiers!

is a general strike!

General strike becomes
a world convergence
in celebration
when the many
pull the plug at last
on digital money blips
and digital weapons

Underneath the dimming power
of the few
the many
built a world of
and making,
and trading

A world where
everyone is rooted
and connected at once

a world with
perfect pitch for truth
a world
of utter kindness