Nameless Days

nameless days
moments strung
inside gray light
becalmes on the flat gray water
we drift between the rise
of the last great won war
and the next wind
we gather the light
of the distant victories

how they tarnish in cold time!
the 26th of July
the 30th of April
July 19th
we are blinded
by their planet spin
to its forward thrust
they spin
or plunge
into the sun
their light
burns blood

distant magnet planets swathe us
distant deeds swaddle us
the blood of the distant wars
stains us
South Africa, Nicaragua,
rising from latitude
to latitude
on the living fibers
the blood
it stains us

we wait
for our cemi signs
still writing Julia's poem
painting Frida's vision
fighting Lolita's war

we wait
for the goddess
to ride us

Atabey returns
on the wind wings
of the setting sun
to rides us
on her windborn cradle
to birth us
from the ocean
of her loins

let us not search
her goldsmooth belly
for the absent navel
let us not banish her
let us light the sun

you are not the organism
you are the particle of its clay
its atom
its cell
its synapse
its fiber
its muscle
its passion
its dread
its effort
its terror
its error
its semen
its womb

your gods ride mortals
your notes need noise
you need ashes and dust

your creature
is most pregnant
when it is
most dead