These Things That Don't Exist

these things that don't exist
they comfort us


mesoned quarks

of myth
comic book
and force

they spin electric in a magnet sea
in the chinks between canons
in the crannies of crystals

they careen in black holes
anchored only
by each tender touch

these junctures
where we take
our balanced step
through the looking glass
are not remarkable
for their zigzag speed
but for their precision
their concentration
their skill

on the other side of the mirror
these invisibles welcome us
with celebration
make light of our despair
humor our passion
as if it were, indeed
a carnacl cult

these invisibles
engulf us
in their glow
surround us
in igniting gases

here, we all big bang
here time reverses
eyes prism

we are rare
mesoned electric
by our magnet sea

inside the canon
of each goddess and god
each comic book hero
each ancient mating lore

each quark
each longing
each lost love
each tender touch