What I know and can teach

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Culture based/critical thinking processes to identify group's themes, strengths and knowledge, needs, goals, action plans, actions for instructional, professional development, and management purposes.
Connecting the dots (particular issues and concerns to macro issues)
Who are possible allies?

35 years in adult and youth education including direct instruction, professional development, program administration
6 years as a NY Writers Coalition workshop leader
6 years supporting a youth internship program at Turning Point Brooklyn
3 years supporting a youth initiated hip-hop studio creation project through Institute for Mass Communications
20 years as a peer counseling leader
45 years as a social justice activist
22 years as a certified yoga teacher
20 years leading Embodied Writing workshops
Journalism MS, Columbia University, BA Spanish Literature, University of Wisconsin

Work Experience
2012 to present, ESOL Coordinator, Program Co-director, Turning Point Brooklyn Education Center
2011, Community Health Worker teacher, Hostos Community College
1994 to 2010, Staff Developer and then Professional Development Director, BEGIN program (Part of NYCHRA)
1992-93 Staff Developer, Community Development Agency (now Department of Youth and Community Development).
1984-1992 Teacher/Director, Mother's Reading Program, a program to apply Freirean theory in an urban context. Designed the Community Literature Process.

Literacy as Praxis, (other book with chapter in it)
Tripartita, Exile

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in Screenwriting and Playwriting, 1987
NYFA Fellowship in Fiction, 1993
Literacy Recognition Award, 1987
Sevellon Brown Award, Columbia School of Journalism, 1980

Modalities: Freirean based community literature workshops/classes: generating group's stories, creating its "community literature", mining it for themes, strenghts and knowledge, needs, goals, action plans, actions
Modalities: Community literature story mining and transforming; Embodied writing using yoga based practices to find and transform our stories; Cultural Competence workshops; Peer counseling based Ending Isms workshops, diversity work from the perspective that isms arose historically and can be ended;
Writing workshops: based on NY Writers Coalition process