Isla de los Ninos

They stepped out of the funicular and as the Mamis steadied themselves on the ground Elbita, Silvito, Inesita and ran out and were gone, into the swarm of young people. after a few minutes the Mamis could distinguish centers, many centers, in the swarm. Elbita had joined a group of girls who were climbing the side of the low red cliff that framed this enormous playing field. One of the girls, taller and probably older had taken her in hand and was showing her the footholds. Inesita joined a girls' soccer game and was running after the ball. It took a few minutes to find Silvito and squatting on the top of the low cliff, not far from the climbing girls, alongside three teenagers who were building what looked like a four dimensional, huge, square kite. "They're making, or trying to make, reproduce, recreate, the kites the legendary warriors used to fly in."
The Mamis turned toward the voice. They looked up at the tall young woman. Her dark, long Taino face was serious. Her dark oval eyes shone. She had her black hair in one long braid and wore a red ochre uniform the color of the cliffs. "Aren't these young people amazing?" She moved closer and almost whiispered. "You see, we've found there is a moment in between childhood and adolescence, when young people's skills are extraordinary, they are almost immortal or omnipotent, fearless still, and so they can master just about anything."
Mami Ines' opened her round black eyes very wide. "Pero no me digas que los dejan solos?" She read the name tag made of tiny red beads. "Tia Sara, tell me you don't leave the children on their own."
Sara tossed her head back and laughed. "Everyone asks us that. Claro que no. But we are here as resource, to be led by them. We keep them safe. And, of course, because they are young there's information they don't yet have, about many things....there are places they haven't reached developmentally..."
Mami interrupted her. "What do you mean you let them lead."
Tia Sara motioned them to a gazebo where several other adults were seated. They walked over. The gazebo overlooked the enormous playing field. Up close it was plain that there were groups of young adults like Tia Sara, dressed in the same red ochre cliff colored clothes, sitting, like Sara was now doing, with parents who were watching the gorgeous swarm of playing young people.