The Meeting Tuesday was Hell (poem)

After Following Orders journal entry

So the meeting Tuesday was hell and
when Lucha tried to shut me up by saying
Solly knew what she was doing
I heard it like, know your place,
Who do you think you are
and I said,
“Where are we, Nazi Germany following orders?”

(Solly’s best friend
Made a move even we beta dogs
Couldn’t roll over for
All of us would end up
Reporting to her)

I spent two days writing up my position
And scheduled a one on one with Solly
Friday two words into my
For delegating
She said
But we always do this
They just don’t
Want it

I got home full blown battered
Wanting to be dead
There were noises from Machi’s room
He actually opened the door
When I actually knocked

His bitch was giving birth
There was a cardboard box
In the middle of the floor between
The two beds
One his and the other for the brother
He never had
Now he had puppies

There was blood everywhere
There were already seven puppies
Brown, and brindle and black
She was a tiny brown thing
(just then she pushed out another)
She lay panting
There were six boys besides Machi
Cheering her on

Monday on my chair at work
There’s my Manifesto
Bloodied by Solly
I want to cry and crawl under my bed
Like after Palmi’s beatings
But instead
I answer her points one by one
And hand it back

Wednesday the enemy
The bbf
Doesn’t come to the meeting at all
We the Opposition win
Get beyond Solly
Feeling attacked
To where she’s hearing us

We countercoup the coup

(O we’re ready for
The hell to pay
When the alpha
Dog returns
To the den
But for now we’re triumphant)

When I come home
Machi and his friends are gone
the bitch is whining
The pups are mewing
There’s blood and poop
This smell
Reminds me of chicken coops

I crawl into my bed
Under my covers