Zoila's Affair

Even Zoila had an affair.
You laugh. Here we are all old friends. We are in our 60s or almost 60 and we came of age as adolescents, young people and young adults when the entire world was also going through the very same ages: counter cultures, revolutions. Our youth was fueled by the planet's youth and vice versa. All that synergy and synchronicity and enthusiasm and zest and power!

We were never going to be old. Many of us did have affairs, those of us at this reunion, this 60th birthday party for R, Zoila didn't come. She's still in our carass but seasons come and go and we're not in a season when we are seeing each other...the water of time and experiences floated us away so it's just me and R and for some reason it's come up and R is saying to me in disbelief,
"Even Zoila had an affair!"

I'm the one who knows it for a fact. We've just been listing all the people we know, or some of them, those we've grown apart from.

Hard to believe we could have been that close and then no more.

Maybe some friendships are like affairs and some like marriages...