An intimate scene of family life...Jorgito glued his face to the plastic tank where the ants were crawling. He knew the round bellie ant was the queen He felt out of the corner of his eye, the gaze of his mother, drawing at her art table. She was like the queen. If god or an angel or his abuela who was supposedly in heaven was looking, maybe to them their whole house was like the anthill. What would they think? Could they tell what a good anthill queen Mami was on the days like today when she was happy?
Some days Mami didn't let him turn on the TV and first Jorgito was bored, but then sometiems, like today, it wa like some space opened up in his head and he discovered he had so many things he felt like doing, wanted to do.
Now he watched Mami walk over to the record player, left over from when she was young. She had an old, old record she often played when she began to draw. It was a woman singing a song in Spanish. He could understand some of the words. Gracias a la vida, Mami sang along.
Right about now Jorgito felt a huge desire to draw. He took his markers and cut a piece of paper from the roll Mami set up for him.
He drew the magic ants from the happy planet, flying in ther invisible spaceship made out of their mother's love.