Release time is over


So sleepy I could lie down on the carpet in my office right now and go to sleep.

First day back at work. The Commissioner is moved over to the Bloomberg Family Foundation.

I'm trying to remember jokes

Jesus, Moses and an old man are golfing. Jesus hits the ball, it sinks in the water, he walks on water, picks up the ball, throws it and gets a hole in two. Moses hits the ball into the water, he parts the water, grabs the ball, throws it and he gets a hole in two. The old man hits the ball and as its about to hit the water a fish jumps out and catches it its mouth, an eagle swoops down and takes the ball out of the fish's mouth and drops it in the hole and he gets a hole in one. Moses says to Jesus, "I hate it when we play golf with your Dad."

A boy in an Indian Village asks the Chief, "I want to know how you decide how to name someone?"

The Chief says, "Well, I look around when a baby's born and I see what's going on at that time. If a horse is galloping by I name the baby Galloping Horse, and if snow is softly falling I name the baby, Softly Falling Snow. But why do you want to know, "Two Dogs Fucking." ?

Three men are fugitives from the FBI, there's Carl and Joe and Victor who's not very bright. They makea it to a farm and run into a barn and each one crawls into a sack. The FBI comes in and kicks a sack and from inside Carl goes Woof woof woof. They kick another sack and from inside Joe goes woof woof woof. They kick the third sack with Victor in it and from inside comes, "Potato, potato."

What does the strawberry say to the raspberry? Because of you we're in a jam.

A woman is sitting at a bar munching on the peanuts. She chokes and the bartender comes around, lifts up her skirt and licks her butt. She spits out the peanut and he says, "that heinylick maneuver always works."

A priest a minister and a rabbi are in an elevator. Suddenly the elevator falls and as they descend they each pray and the elevator comes to a stop. The rabbi makes the sign of the cross. The priest is very delighted. "You've converted!" The rabbi says, "Nah, I always check, spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch.

A man goes to the gyn and says, "I want birth control for my 12 year old daughter." The doctor says, "IS she sexually active?" The guy says, "Nah, she just lays there like a fish, just like her mother."

How pathetic is this?

Tomorrow is Dia de Reyes and today I did my Dia de Reyes tradition. I began it at CDA by cutting up turrones and sharing them. Here I bring walnuts and a nutcracker and give whatever gifts I give on this day. This year I mainly gave these latte bowls, white with blue fish designs. Georgia I gave a book on how to write science fiction book for her and her sister Debbie who it turns out is writing a fantasy story. Jim I gave a book on Chavez. Prasantha and Eric I gave china made to look like impressionist hand paintings. I got it at Rhonda's sister in law's sample sale. P had gotten some of the same set so probably so has Eric. (They'll know how much I spent on the gifts.) I made a card with a picture of the Reyes and a bit of the story.

I'm still in that floating state.

No word officially on the Commissioner's replacement although everyone believes it's a done deal with Doer. S and PS are named as possibles in the press. Hard to believe they would go with an insider. Wonder if there's any way we might be spared the "transition", euphemism for fucking with our jobs yet again and messing our retirement and health benefits. Already from moving CUNY to SUNY and then back to CUNY again, as fiscal agents, I've been timed out of keeping these health benefits when I retire and so have many others here. They cavalierly open and close the spigots of humans. We're just another spigot of humans just as the pa recipients in our programs are a spigot and those in the criminal justice system another.

Something inhibiting happens to my voice here, something compromising and confusing happens to my mind.

The phone began to ring then stopped. I'm disappointed. I can't wait to get home.

01 08 07

I lost the entry. Didn't submit? Brain dead day. Rainy. Could barely think about work. Sr team meeting cancelled. Disoriented. B&N on lunch break reading scandal mags.

What to do today? Foggy brain. Afraid to get the labs back and learn I already have my gene determined sin predestined big D. (4 cruces de diabetis...Early death memories.)
I feel very woozy and blood sugar impaired right now.

Work day is over. I was at last able to put my mind on my work.
Got the blood work results. No big D (yet). Why am I so tired? Because I don't sleep enough and am always tug warring in my head, horses stampeding to get out first.

I can't think about the workshop I'm to do Thursday and Friday in the same way I can't think about PE. What comes first? What leads to what? I can't predict.

It's always just what's in my frontal lobe at any given moment.

Now I must run to the IYI to teach my yoga class. When will I figure out to actually take one?

I want to be cradled, rocked, held heart to heart...nona