12 11 06

Sixty years old inwardly 12 or younger
At the party I asked for appreciations
and I may remember some of what they said

Gina: Good friend, good listener, dynamic vibrant an inspiration hopes hopes she can be like me at 60, I've gone to all of her performances from the very beginning...ooh I'm present when I'm there I'm fully there

George: Good listener, good friend, warm

Javi: The best older sister. You took care of me. There's a photograph of us together in school uniform when we're little and you're planted standing next to me looking like nobody messes with him.

Ennes: How well you took care of Javi so now he can take such good care of me. Very beautiful outside and inside. Ask great questions. Really curious and interested

Alfredo: You're the reason at my age I'm still forward looking and have hope

Sara: I want to make myself and the world better.

Karim: (Amazing. I'm blanking on him...In his card he said I was a wise, flexible, always tender mother) I think he said I always try to make myself and the world better

Cari: I show a lot of myself

I appreciated them, I said or tried to say: Coming to this country I lost a sense of belonging and community. We meet so many people it's mysterious which relationships take and flourish and ours have. I have an appreciation of what it's meant for each of you to come into my life. Gina...I won't break our anonymity...You invited me to to the yoga training..