Is the only emancipation from wage slavery death?

How do I proceed, push forward, finish something, this...PE
Or in theory would it go on forever until she emancipates from wage slavery? Is there any other way to emancipate besides death?

I want to say that in the next three months I will try the Constant Writer project...writing everything pretty much I do at work in note taking/ note making forms

And at the same time begin shaping what I have so far into a novel...Those part I've already written of the Books, including the Book of Writings.

I need to work on the Ori/Ernesto and the Machi/Cheito sections.

Maybe there are islands of emancipation? (But they feel like dying. When I am at peace and can tell that life is good I think my task is done, I've learned the lesson for this life time and now it's time to die.

Excitation, excitement, euphoria, joy, thrill...There is but a thin membrane in my psyche separating it from extreme fear. On a dime, within a breath euphoria is transposed into terror. A window on how terrified I was as a little girl.